TEATIME training school in the use of homecage technologies to monitor rodents

19th September 2022
The introductory training school will be held at the TECNIPLAST Congress Centre in Buguggiate (Varese) Via I Maggio 6, Italy, from 19th to 23rd September.

The target group of this training school are M.A., PhD, and post-doctoral students working on broad areas of neuroscience, pharmacology, medicine, and biology.

The aim of the training school is to introduce the field of rodent behavioural assessment basic methods and tools. A special emphasis will be on home cage systems behavioural assessment from how to use to data analysis.

As the number of students is limited, a special committee will select participants based on accepted requests. Selected participants will receive full funding from TEATIME.

Maximum number of students: 30

Apply via our application form: https://forms.gle/BMhS2yvkT8JsVJyAA

For additional information, contact: COST-TEATIME@har.mrc.ac.uk

Successful applicants will have travel, accommodation, and training costs refunded by COST.

Application form