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Introducing a depression-like syndrome for translational neuropsychiatry

23rd March 2023 Webinar

Iven Mücke-Heim of MPI Psychiatry, Germany will be presenting their recent review at 3 pm CET on 23rd March

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Scand-LAS 2023 Symposium

25th April 2023 Conference

In April 2023, we are attending the Scand-LAS 2023 Symposium in Uppsala, Sweden

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46th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society

01st August 2023 Conference

In August 2023, we will be attending the 46th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society in Sendai, Japan

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We keep our event posts updated with a report on key insights plus a selection of photos taken throughout.

AMBER: automated maternal behavior during early life in rodents

28th February 2023 Webinar

Hannah Lapp of the University of Austin, Texas will be presenting this webinar at 3 pm CET on 28th February

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Efficient, stress-free learning of mice in a fully automated training system

24th January 2023 Webinar

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Modeling neuropsychiatric disorders in the laboratory: Why sex matters?

02nd December 2022 Webinar

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Open source approaches for studying home cage behavior

28th November 2022 Webinar

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Thinking Outside The Conditioning Box: Ethological Paradigms for Studying Fear, Anxiety and Risky Decision-making in Rodents

29th September 2022 Webinar

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Conditioned fear assessment in mice in an automated home cage environment

14th September 2022 Webinar

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