Working Groups

Working Group Lead and Co-Leads
1. Identifying, Gathering, and Co-ordinating community requirements for HCMLead: Anna Kiryk, PhD
Co-leads: Marthe Schmit, Aleksandra Bartelik
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2. Current status of HCMLead: Ewelina Knapska, PhD
Co-leads: Silvia Mandillo
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3. Development of new technologies, analysis tools, and databasesLead: Jan Rozman, Dr. rer. nat.
Co-leads: Sonia Bains, Hamish Forrest, Marion Rivalan
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4. Training and knowledge transferLead: Lior Bikovski, PhD
Co-leads: Anna Olsson, Alice Melloni
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5. Communication, engagement, and disseminationLead: Maša Čater, PhD
Co-leads: Lars Lewejohann
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