Working Group 5

Communication, engagement, and dissemination

Communication, engagement, and dissemination

Working group 5 is continuously in contact with all four working groups’ workflow and outputs to ensure quick communication and broad dissemination of Action’s results to the interested public.

We produce news and infographics and publish them on social media that TEATIME has opened a profile on (Twitter, LinkedIn). We produce a newsletter every 3 months for our subscribers and promotion material and flyers that are used to communicate the Action at the events and online. We keep the TEATIME website up-to-date and manage the TEATIME YouTube channel, where one can find free videos of our webinars.

Working Group 5 leader

Maša Čater, PhD, is a researcher at the Department of Animal Science at the Biotechnical faculty, University of Ljubljana. She studies genome, behavior, and metabolism in mice. She is also editor-in-chief for eSinapsa, a journal by Slovenian Neuroscience Association, and EARA Science Ambassador.

Co-leader: Lars Lewejohann