Working Group 4

Training and knowledge transfer

Training and knowledge transfer

Working group 4 is dedicated to plan and executing our mid-year training school event.

Planning the event begins with gathering information about the needs in the field (data analysis, methods, and so on), deciding on the level of the event (beginners or experts), and recruiting lecturers who are the best in their field and have a passion to teach, and selecting the candidates.

Following the event, we will focus on two tasks:

  1. Producing a manual that contains all the information that was passed at the event, recommendations of the experts who taught at the event, and contact details for those interested in expanding their understanding of the subject.
  2. Critical learning of the event from reports collected from the lecturers and students to build a more successful course the following year.

Working Group 4 leader

Lior Bikovski, PhD, is the Director of the Myers Neuro-Behavioral Core Facility at Tel Aviv University, with a background in Psychobiology. His main interest is the standardization of the work process in and between labs for higher replicability of results.

Co-leaders: Anna Olsson, Alice Melloni

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