Dissemination Grant Report – Aleksandra Bartelik

Conference Details

Conference title: 1st The Central-East European Laboratory Animal Science Conference

Conference web page: https://www.celasc.org/

Conference venue: Prague, Czech Republic

Conference start and end date: 30/05/2023 to 01/06/2023

Title of the oral presentation:

COST Action – Improving biomedical research by automated behaviour monitoring in the animal home-cage (TEATIME). Joint activities in search of solutions to advance animal welfare.

Session: 3Rs and welfare

The outcome of the conference participation

CELASC Conference, organized by Central-East European FELASA member associations: ARSAL, BaltLASA, CLASA, CroLASA, GALAS, HLASA, HSBLAS, ILAF, and PolLASA was a good place to meet people from ITC countries interested of laboratory animal welfare.

The presentation of TEATIME activities aimed to:

  1. Direct contact with animal welfare officers, veterinarians, and scientists from ITC countries and attracting more TEATIME members
  2. Information and propagation of our activities about networking, the opportunity to educate and share knowledge, also news about planned workshops and webinars.

After the presentation on the “3Rs and welfare” session, I had a few discussions during the conference breaks, mainly with people from the Czech Republic, Poland, and Croatia. The main question/problem for them is if they can join the action even if they don’t have any automated home cage system, but they study animal behavior by classic methods.

I also noticed the increased interest in social media – login from a mobile on LinkedIn – during the day of my presentation.

Attending CELASC we have achieved our goals. What is important, in conversations with conference participants, I noticed that our action is often mentioned and recognized – which is a joint merit of our group and previous dissemination activities.