May 2023 Newsletter

In this edition we are pleased to announce our catalogue of devices and software, that fall under our definition of HCM, is now online.


COST TEATIME Newsletter – May 2023

Dear colleagues,
Welcome to the TEATIME COST Action newsletter for improving biomedical research by automated behaviour monitoring in the animal home-cage. In this edition we 
are pleased to announce our catalogue of devices and software, that fall under our definition of HCM, is now online.

Closing Date for Grants Extended to 30th of June
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TEATIME Frontiers Special Edition
A few of our TEATIME members are editors of a new special edition called: Home Cage-based Phenotyping in Rodents: Innovation, Standardization, Reproducibility and Translational Improvement – Volume II
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2022 Dissemination Grant Report
Silvia Mandillo was awarded our first TEATIME Dissemination grant which enabled her to attend the 8th Mediterranean Neuroscience Society (MNS) Conference Dubrovnik, Croatia. We are delighted to share her report in this newsletter.
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TEATIME Webinars

AMBER: automated maternal behavior during early life in rodents. Dr. Hannah Lapp(University of Texas at Austin)

Introducing a novel, syndrome-based approach for depression modelling in translational neuropsychiatry: opportunities and challenges.  Dr. Iven-Alex von Mücke-Heim (Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Munich, Germany)

Revolutionizing translational psychiatry through rodent neuroethology. Dr. Yair Shemesh (Department of Brain Sciences, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel).

Radial maze without food deprivation: a new, automated, stress-free and voluntary test for assessment of spatial memory in    mice. Dr. Jie Mei (International Research Center for Neurointelligence (IRCN), University of Tokyo, Japan) rael).

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TEATIME Catalogue
We have compiled a list of devices and software that falls under our definition of HCM. The list can be filtered and searched. Our aim is to create a useful and accurate resource. If you have more content to add, please email us.
TEATIME Publications
We will continue to highlight events and papers in this newsletter. However, we are pleased to announce we now have a webpage dedicated to TEATIME publications and conferences, as well as many other resources. 
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Training School  

We had over 50 applications for our training School, but we can only accept 24 and we are looking forward to meeting them in Porto later this year.


Constitutive depletion of brain serotonin differentially affects rats’ social and cognitive abilities

was co-authored by TEATIME colleagues published online in iScience

 Systematic Review of Home Cage Monitoring in Rodents


Members of the TEATIME consortium have worked together with other researchers to complete and publish a Systematic Review to shed light on the development of home cage monitoring (HCM) and the current state of the art. The review was carried out on 521 publications retrieved through PubMed and Web of Science.

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On behalf of all members of the TEATIME Action,
Vootele Voikar – TEATIME Chair
Sara Wells – Grant Holder, TEATIME Vice-chair
Sabine Hölter-Koch – Science Communication Coordinator

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  • Published: 2nd May 2023

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