TEATIME training school in the use of homecage technologies to monitor rodents

Training School in Review

After the success of our first introductory training school, here’s how our students rated us.

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The TEATIME introductory training school was designed for young scientists (M.A., PhD, and post-doctoral students) with background in neuroscience, pharmacology, medicine, and biology, taking their first steps in bio-behavioral work. The aim of the training school was to introduce the field of rodent behavioral assessment from basic methods and tools to more complex systems, with a special emphasis on home cage systems, e.g. how to use, data analysis.

The TEATIME grant awarding committee received more than 50 applications and selected 24 students (based on academic and research background and motivation) to attend the training school. The student participation was fully funded by COST.

TEATIME Introductory Training School Manual 2022